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Our probiotic solutions promote a climate friendly, healthy soil and are essential for nutrient uptake in the roots of plants and the guts of healthy animals. Probiotic microbes promote a regenerative environment and a balanced circular ecosystem.

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Our Vision:

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Microbes are essential to the whole cycle of life

Our probiotic solutions are developed using multi-step fermentation, which result in robust and adaptive microbial consortiums. These consortiums contain a diversity of beneficial liquid microbes combined with metabolites and secondary metabolites. Our solutions support a variety of functions including biocontrol, induced systemic resistance and competitive exclusion of potential diseases. Our beneficial probiotics enhance natural systems, helping you to grow for good®.

Agricultural solutions designed to grow for good®

An investment in a Multikraft solution allows customers to quickly achieve profitability.

Rapid health improvements by rebalancing and buffering stresses that can result in production losses.

Our natural products are all safe and easy to use, maximising your efficiencies.

Productivity improvements can be seen quickly, leading to increased resilience and sustained higher yields.

Increased profits for Multikraft customers through premium, healthy produce.

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