We're inspired by nature to make the world a better, healthier place.

Helping farmers grow for good®

Cumulative effects

The benefits from using our innovative products continue to improve over time as the system achieves balance.

Proven success in Australia

Multikraft Probiotic Solutions is majority Australian owned and supported by agricultural industry leaders since 2012.

Tried and tested formula

Championed by existing customers. Lower risk, affordable products with obvious results.

Our B.A.C.E. is located in QLD

Our 95-acre showcase farm driving innovation and enabling local production is located in Bundaburg.

Environmentally friendly products

Helping to reduce the negative impacts caused by harmful chemicals and assisting with climate change.

Our Vision:
To solve the biggest problems with the smallest things

Climate change and soil carbon sequestration

Overuse of harmful, disease-causing chemicals

Waste treatment and nutrient recycling

Safe food and water security

The Multikraft Solution

Microbes are essential to the whole cycle of life
Our products are developed using multi-step fermentation, which results in robust and adaptive microbial consortiums. These consortiums contain a diversity of beneficial liquid microbes combined with metabolites and secondary metabolites. Multikraft’s products support a variety of functions including biocontrol, induced systemic resistance and competitive exclusion of potential diseases. Our beneficial microbes enhance natural systems, helping you to grow for good®.
Multikraft ensures a healthy, balanced system
How our solutions work
Decades of experience.

Multikraft’s innovative biotechnology was developed over decades, and is active across 25 countries. We’ve been delivering sustainable results in Australia since 2012.

Regenerative microbes.

Microorganisms in the form of probiotics are essential to balance overall health and wellbeing in all productive systems.

The right combination of microorganisms live symbiotically together, while naturally protecting their host.

Sustainable = Profitable.

Our proprietary SuPr formulas shows that running a sustainable enterprise means that you’re also more profitable.