Defence NRG

Enhance natural plant defences against parasitic and fungal attacks.

Available in 20L and 1000L sizes.

Defence NRG

Defence NRG contains a unique microbial consortium mixed
with fermented garlic and chilli extracts. It promotes the plants
natural defences against parasitic and fungal attacks whilst strengthening the plant against potential pests and diseases, improving the overall resilience of plants and crops.

Key ingredients

Key benefits

Defence NRG


>   Nutrition, resilience, growth.

 Plant health enhancement agent fermented with probiotic microorganisms.

 Strengthens and invigorates plants against pests and diseases.

>   Promotes natural plant defences against parasitic and fungal attack.

>   Improves the natural resilience of plants.

Defence NRG is based on our unique microbial consortium combined with the added benefit of a specially developed complex of plant extracts that are multifunctional in their purpose. Some extracts promote the growth of beneficial microbes and contribute to necessary micronutrients and trace elements, whilst the fermented extracts of garlic and chilli within Defence NRG have a range of beneficial impacts, that assist the soil and plants naturally.

>     Lactic acid 

>     Photosynthetic bacteria 

>     Yeasts

>     Sugar cane molasses

>     Fermented vinegar

>     Bio-ethanol

>     Water

>     Garlic

>     Nettle leaves

>     Chilli pods

How it works

Defence NRG is a plant aid and should be used together with MicroLife.
For soil applications mix both with Soil NRG whenever possible, for leaves, mix with Foliar NRG diluted with water. Defence NRG’s primary purpose is not to fight these pests directly, but rather increase the plants natural defence mechanism and resistance to be able to fend off parasitic and fungal infestations naturally. The garlic, nettle and chilli have complimentary effects to maximise plant health, making them robust to external influences.