Close your ESG loop with Multikraft Probiotic Solutions.

It all starts with healthy, nutritious soil and clean water. See how our fermented compost/mulch and waste/water treatments can benefit you.

Environmental & Waste Solutions

Fermented Compost/Mulch Solution Benefits


Organic waste composted in-situ by fermentation rather than traditional aerobic methods.

Reduced Labour

It's no longer necessary to frequently turn the heap during composting.

Healthier Soil

Health and fertility of soil is improved, which promotes stronger roots and less risk of disease.

Climate Friendly

Improved soil carbon levels and reduced water consumption.

Waste & Water Solution Benefits

Odour Control

Waste is pre-treated, reducing odour and improving water quality.

Enhanced Water Quality

Animal and plant life is increased as a result of enhanced water quality.

Sludge Reduction

Reduced sludge as a result of water treatment.

Algae Prevention

Reduction in algal blooms following spraying to prevent algae.

Environmental & Waste Products