Our B.A.C.E. allows for local production and ongoing research.

We have deep past and ongoing research methodologies which underpin everything we do.

To ensure a continued focus on R&D and local production, we developed our own Biotech Agricultural Centre of Excellence, or B.A.C.E. for short.

> 95 acre showcase facility and manufacturing operation.

> Certified Carbon Friendly.

> 5 Million Litres per annum of Microbial production.

5 Million Litres per annum of Nutrient & Microbial production.

> Fermented Composting

> Tree Crops (Macadamias, Mangoes)

> Protected cropping

> Specialist crops (high value, wellness)

We have the support of universities and state of the art research centres to stay on the cutting edge of what we do.

Where our B.A.C.E. is located.

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