Everything starts with healthy soil.

Bring your soil to life with Multikraft Probiotics and improve your soil Nitrogen and Carbon levels through beneficial microbes, that are cost effective from day one.

High yields and quality produce requires inputs.

Synthetic pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers are used, but these have a finite influence on plant and soil organisms and RESULTS.

Multikraft probiotics help to sustainably regenerate the soil and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis in the crops, thus increasing fertility and activating plant and soil health

Effects and benefits in agriculture and farming

There are a wide range of applications for Multikraft probiotics, both in conventional and organic agriculture. Multikraft Probiotics Australia creates optimum environments in soil and plant surfaces.

Stimulating beneficial microbial activity in soil and plants.

  • Increases the quantity and quality of crops
  • Natural protection and defence against disease (Sclerotenia, Bacterial Spot, Anthracnose, Fusarium, Phytophora) + others
  • Improves plant stress management against frost and drought
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Increases soil structure and water holding capacity
  • Improves soil condition leading to reduced erosion
  • Faster heating of soil (early crop cultivation)
  • No groundwater pollution
  • More even growth of crops (more marketable fruit and vegetables)
  • Reduction of fertiliser and chemical input costs

Seed treatment

Treating the seeds reduces the germination period, increases germination capacity and causes the seeds to grow evenly. A better environment is formed on the surface of the seeds.

Soil treatment

The treatment of crop residues with Microlife prevents putrefaction and helps the organic material to convert into humus more quickly and easily.

  • Nutrients in the soil made available to plants
  • Supress pathogenic organisms (such as fusarium fungi) in the soil with positive microorganisms (Microlife)
  • Faster warming up of the soil in the spring = earlier cultivation timing

Fruit production

Diseases and pests can cause severe damage to fruit trees. Treatment with Multikraft Micro-organisms strengthens the natural defence system. It creates an environment that is avoided by pathogens on the surface of leaves. The effects of sunlight is also optimised.

  • Strengthens the natural defence system against diseases and pests
  • More uniform fruit growth and a tasty harvest
  • Stronger roots and soil that remains moist during hot periods

Vegetable production

In vegetable production, freedom from residue plays a major role, while optimum shape and appearance of vegetables remain a key selling point. Multikraft Micro-organisms strengthen the plants from the beginning, making them less susceptible to pests and fungal infestation and ensuring more uniform, tastier vegetables.

  • Ecological support for 100% freedom from reside and immediate consumption
  • Longer crop shelf life
  • Equally well suited for use in greenhouses, poly tunnels and on open land.

Greenhouse / Glasshouse

The conventional pest control used for many years increasingly provides resistance to pests and fungal infestation. Multikraft Micro-organisms are a natural alternative for prevention and plant strengthening and – if used consistently – achieve very successful results and significantly improve their own environment.

  • Promote plant health and growth, increase stress resistance
  • Promote beneficial organisms, intensify colours and taste
  • For use in conventional and organic operations

Tree crops

When mulching, undecayed organic materials such as grass cuttings, leaves, etc. are finely cut and used to cover the ground or to provide additional protection for plants. Mostly lawn clippings, leaves or foliage are used between vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees. Bark is often used as much in perennial beds and around shrubs. Adding Microlife promotes decay whilst preventing putrefaction.

  • Keeps the roots and soil moist even in hot weather
  • Weed growth is slowed down
  • The ground becomes less muddy or eroded in heavy rains
  • Wind erosion can be prevented
  • Organic fertiliser is made as the mulch decays and is gradually subsumed by the organisms in the soil

Broadacre / Row crops

Multikraft Probiotics products offer solutions both for organic and conventional farming methods. Compost treated with Multikraft Probiotics products adds beneficial microorganisms to the soil before planting, and is an organic way of fertilising. At the same time Multikraft Probiotics offers organic fertilisers, which can be applied as a liquid via the irrigation system. The use of Chemical Fertilisers, Pesticides and Fungicides has been proven to have a bad effect on soil and plant health over the years.

Studies conducted have shown a direct link between the use of Chemical Agents and the decrease of biological activity in soil and plants.This leads to weak crops and less yield. More and more chemical agents (fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides) have to be used every season to control the outbreak of pests (flies and insects) and fungal diseases, caused by weak soil and weak plants. Our Multikraft Probiotic products help build up the organic matter in the soil by taking nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen from the air and storing it in the soil.

This enhances the water holding capacity in the soil and leads to less irrigation water use on farms. Also problems regarding high salt contents in the irrigation water can be buffered more effectively when using Multikraft Probiotics products. Through the conditioning of the soil with Multikraft Probiotics products, the plants’ root growth is enhanced and its resistance against harsh conditions is strengthened.

The build up of organic matter in the soil leads to a healthier environment for plants to grow in, saves water and fertilizer cost, and at the same time doesn’t deplete the soil structure from season to season, instead making it stronger every year … the natural way for generations to come.