• Controlled release nitrogen
  • Includes macro, micro-organisms and trace elements
  • Promotes germination, root development and plant growth
  • Stabilised nitrogen for soil, foliar and compost applications
  • Enhanced with beneficial microbes

Multikraft Probiotics is a world leader in multi-strain microbe technology. SuPr-N is a mixture of over 80 isolates from 45+ microbial species, with controlled release nitrogen.

Nitrogen in the SuPr-N is split between a number of pools including microbial biomass, soluble organic nitrogen (protein peptide and amino acid), ammonium and relatively little in the form of nitrate.

SuPr-N effectively acts as a slow release fertilizer as the nitrogen is mineralized over time.

SuPr-N significantly increases soil microbial biomass compared to controls and other treatments. Release continues for the full 60 days of treatment, and kinetics suggest it continues longer.