• Nutrition, resilience, growth
  • Soil conditioner with humic acid and probiotic micro-organisms
  • Promotes root formation
  • Activates soil life
  • Increases the impact of other soil nutrition

Soil N.R.G contains a careful balance of micronutrients and soil supplements that as well as encouraging young root growth, fosters the vigour and multiplication of the microbial components added into the soil environment.

Increasing the early competitiveness of the beneficial microbes allows them to establish sufficient numbers to prompt and promote an increase in overall microbial activity and diversity. A key to improved crop production, this prevents dominance by plant pathogens in the rhizosphere and increases nutrient cycling and therefore, nutrient availability.

How it works

Contains beneficial micro-organisms and micronutrients that promote natural, resilient plant growth and soil health. Soil N.R.G is used in conjunction with MicroLife during watering and irrigation. The soil additive encourages root development and growth of plants, trees and shrubs, and acts as a link between the roots and fertiliser. This enables nutrients to be utilised and absorbed by the plant more effectively. Continual use ensures the microbes populate the soil and provide food for many useful organisms such as earthworms. No waiting period before harvesting.

Basic ingredients

Lactic acid and photosynthetic acid bacteria, yeasts, sugar-cane molasses, phosphoric acid, seaweed, humic acid and water.