• Nutrition, resilience, growth
  • Plant enhancement agent with fulvic acid and probiotic micro-organisms
  • Promotes healthy plants
  • Protects against pests and fungal disease
  • Regulates vegetative growth

Foliar N.R.G is targeted at the leaf surface, with the aim of protecting the beneficial microbial populations and to reduce the need for plant protection products. In addition, the application of micro-nutrients and trace elements to the leaf will immediately help to buffer the plants against abiotic and biotic stresses.

How it works

Contains beneficial microbes and micronutrients that support crop development and reduce the need for undesirable chemicals. Foliar N.R.G is sprayed onto the surface of the leaf where it creates an environment where regenerative microbes are dominant and pathogenic bacteria have practically no chance of survival. This strengthens plants’ resistance and thus improves their natural defence mechanism. A healthy plant is less susceptible to fungal infestation and pests. Best results are achieved as a foliar application in conjunction with other Multikraft products. No withholding period.

Basic ingredients

Lactic acid and photosynthetic acid bacteria, yeasts, sugar cane molasses, phosphoric acid, seaweed, fulvic acid, water.