Company Profile

Multikraft Probiotics Australia (MPA) was formed in 2014 as a strategic partnership with Multikraft Austria, who pioneered the use of beneficial microbes (probiotics) in successful commercial applications around 20 years ago. Multikraft has its origins as a stockfeed company in 1977 and through innovation and experience has developed a range of products and services that use naturally occurring “probiotic” microbial bacteria to build-up immunity in animals and plants, solve waste and odour problems and provide cost-effective, sustainable and financially viable integrated solutions for the benefit of society.

The word “kraft” means “power” or “strength” in German, which is fitting for this global enterprise that has been going from strength-to-strength in various environmental applications across more than 25 countries around the world, starting in Europe and expanding into The Middle East and Asia. The growing challenges posed by drought, climate change and food security have been a catalyst for Multikraft entering the Australian market.  Our aim is to provide socially responsible and commercially viable alternatives to harsh chemicals in many areas as diverse as agriculture to household cleaners and cosmetics.

Moreover, we have been able to demonstrate that our technologies are both environmentally sustainable and optimal for whole-of-community outcomes, through an integrated and professional approach to everything we do.

Advances in technology combined with evolving social, regulatory and legal pressures have moved environmental issues out of the periphery and into the mainstream discussion.  We have developed a range of solutions that are complimentary to existing situations and enhance natural processes. Some relevant applications for our products in the region include the reduction of chemical fertilizers in environmentally sensitive areas (such as the Great Barrier Reef) without compromising crop yields, but rather improving financial viability; the recycling of waste materials into high quality composts without the need for expensive machinery; and waste/water treatments that provide long-term clean water supply and combat odour and pathogenic bacteria through probiotic inoculation.

The opportunities for Multikraft Probiotics Australia are almost endless, however we have an initial focus on integrating the principles of sustainable development into programs that reverse the loss of environmental resources and furthermore provide alternatives to harmful chemicals through products that are high quality, reliable, affordable and safe.

Competitive Edge

Multikraft, over many years, has developed a process to blend, brew and grow a family of stable microbiological cultures that can be used in many areas to do away with the use of traditional chemicals, cleaners, pesticides and fertilizers.

Use of the Multikraft Probiotic products allows a carefully managed micro-biological balance to be achieved across an entire system.  The balance achieved promotes a virtuous biological cycle that continually improves the health of the system. The stability of the active cultures which work together to produce unique desired results. 

The adaptability of the active cultures which allow them to be applied within many different systems and many different ways. The key features that distinguish Multikraft active cultures from other similar products are: 

  • Unique and proprietary owned formulations specifically designed to digest sludge and assist plant growth.
  • Rigorous quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process.
  • Continuous research and innovation, not only in Multikraft’s own laboratories, but Multikraft also support outside research in many related fields to make use of the best brains and knowledge available world wide. 
  • Organically certified, and totally safe without the need for protective clothing or special equipment.